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Don't let that old shed or other structures become a permanent eyesore on your property.

Whether it’s at home or your place of business, dealing with unwanted structures can be a persistent challenge.

Old sheds and similar items can quickly become a visual nuisance, taking up valuable space and creating an unattractive environment.

You might be facing these common issues:

  • Never finding the time to handle the removal.
  • Limited space being occupied by the unwanted structure.
  • Difficulty in disposing of large, bulky items.

Our Demolition Services

Old structures can often become unexpected obstacles. Think about that aged shed in your backyard or the worn-out barn that’s been standing untouched for years.

These structures may have served a purpose once, but now they’re just eating up valuable space and blocking your plans for renovation or new construction.

Get rid of those ugly eyesores and improve your view today.


Planning to refresh your outdoor space? Let us handle the heavy lifting for swift deck removal.

Garage Demolitions

Expert garage demolition. We provide a quick, thorough service, leaving your property spotless.


Revitalizing your outdoors? Trust us to make your fence removal simple and worry-free.

Bathroom Demolitions

Revitalize your personal space with our customer-focused bathroom demolition service.


Our concrete demolition services ensures break down and removal of concrete you don’t want.

Kitchen Demolitions

Professional kitchen demolition, ensuring a clean, ready space for your dream kitchen to come to life.

Carpet & Flooring

Efficient carpet and flooring removal to prepare your space for a fresh, new look and appeal.

Drywall Demolitions

We transform your area with our drywall demolition to pave the way for home improvement endeavors.

Hot Tubs

Expert hot tub demolition, freeing your outdoor space for new entertainment projects.

Shed Demolitions

Comprehensive shed demolition, clearing your yard for an outdoor or landscaping project.

Mobile Homes

Mobile home demolition for a fresh start. We clear the old, making way for your new plans.

Light Demolitions

Light demolition, handling smaller projects with care, precision, and efficiency for home or business.

Our simple process

Get in touch for a quote. We efficiently remove clutter, ensuring a clean and tidy space afterward.

1. Connect

We’ll provide a quote.

2. Coordinate

Schedule a convenient time.

3. Clear Out

We'll remove the unwanted items efficiently.

Our Pricing

At Wildfire Junk Removal, we recognize that every client has unique needs.

That is why we offer full and partial services to cater to all your junk removal requirements.

Our trailer is 20 yards, equivalent to approximately 8 pickup truckloads. Therefore, we can handle practically any job, regardless of its size.

Our pricing is per-load, ensuring you receive the best value for your money.

Wildfire Demolition Pricing
  • Minimum
  • 1/4 truck
  • 3/8 truck
  • 1/2 truck
  • 5/8 truck
  • 3/4 truck
  • 7/8 truck
  • Full truck

Before & After

Our demolition junk removal service leaves nothing behind except a clean, easy-on-the-eyes space.

Wildfire shed demolition before and after.
Wildfire bathroom demolition before and after.
Wildfire mobile home demolition

Demolition Services FAQs

We specialize in a range of demolition services, including residential demolition (such as homes and garages), commercial demolition (including office buildings and retail spaces), and selective demolition for renovations and remodeling projects. We are equipped to handle projects of all sizes.
Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols, including conducting a thorough site assessment, employing professional demolition techniques, and using appropriate safety equipment.We are trained to manage risks effectively, ensuring a safe environment for both our workers and clients.

We are not certified to remove or dispose of any hazardous materials. However, we can offer a referral for a licensed contractor that can handle your project.

The duration of a demolition project varies depending on the size and complexity of the structure. We provide a detailed timeline and project plan before starting, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of the process.
We are committed to minimizing the impact of demolition on neighboring properties and the surrounding community. This includes implementing dust control measures, noise reduction practices during specified hours, and ensuring debris is contained within the site boundaries.
The cost of demolition services varies based on the size of the structure, accessibility, and other factors. We provide a detailed, no-obligation quote after assessing the project site and requirements, ensuring transparency in pricing.
Most demolition projects require a permit from the local municipality. We are knowledgeable about local regulations and can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits before the project begins, ensuring that your demolition project complies with all local laws and regulations.
We are committed to sustainable demolition practices. This includes recycling and salvaging materials whenever possible, proper disposal of non-recyclable debris, and using methods that reduce dust and emissions. Our goal is to minimize the environmental footprint of our demolition projects.
All debris generated from the demolition is carefully sorted, with materials being recycled or salvaged where possible. The remaining debris is transported and disposed of at licensed waste management facilities, following environmental and safety standards.
Yes, we offer comprehensive site cleanup services following demolition to ensure that the site is clear, safe, and ready for the next stage of your project. Our cleanup process includes removing all debris, leveling the site, and performing a final inspection to meet client satisfaction.
While our primary focus is on demolition, we have extensive experience in the construction industry and can offer guidance and recommendations for your next steps post-demolition.

At this time, we do not have the certifications to provide demolition service on historical structures.

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